Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coolermaster N200 (quick review)

Put together a machine for a friend using the Coolermaster N200 over the weekend.

A few notes I made about the case:

  • Compact size, if you're doing a basic general use desktop with a micro-ATX motherboard it doesn't waste a huge amount of space compared to cases that support ATX boards (still a lot of free space inside, it's big compared to low profile cases).
  • The front panel has that "cheap case" plastic feel (as expected in a sub-$50 case). The panelling and inside weren't too bad though. The panels came off easily, in some cheap cases they're wedged in place.
  • Comes with lots of screws, cable ties and miscellaneous stuff (rubber drive mounts!) that are sometimes missing or skimped on in cheap cases.
  • Front cables are nice and long.
  • Comes with two fans. Only 3-pin, so no control over fan speed, but they weren't overly loud.
  • Little bit of cable management space, not a lot but enough for a low-powered machine.

Overall it was a pretty decent case to work with, would be happy to use it again.

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