Monday, July 14, 2014

Random Rant: Samsung Galaxy S2 -> S3 "Upgrades"

There are a couple of things that really bug me about the Samsung Galaxy S3 compared to the S2.

The first is the USB connectivity to Linux computers. With the S2 you could treat the phone as a standard USB device and read/write files from it with no problems. With the S3 Samsung appear to have removed that simple USB connectivity in favour of MTP, which is problematic with Linux and frankly a giant pain in the arse, requiring installation of various tools that are a bit flaky and don't work as well as a standard file browser. Definitely a downgrade, for no reason that I can see.

The other is the lack of FM radio tuner in the phone. Perhaps it's not commonly used these days, I don't know, but I used it, and found it quite handy when out and about to plug in the radio.

I upgraded got the phone via a plan, and because it was an incremental update from the same brand, I didn't think to check closely as to what the downgrades were (because why would you deliberately annoy your customers by removing stuff that worked really well and was useful?).

More fool me.

Although they sound trivial, little changes like those make the new version far less functional for me. Wondering whether I'll actually get another Samsung phone...I have a feeling competitors are probably no better. ":/