Sunday, January 19, 2014

Power Usage from Random Things Around the House

I recently got a PowerMate Lite power meter, which by reputation is an accurate device for measuring power usage. Here are some results from random equipment around the house.

ItemWhile offAt IdleActivity
Desktop i5-3470 + GTX 650TI<1W52W125W (gaming); 92W (transcoding media)
Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 (laptop)-26W35W (minecraft)
Samsung NP350VSC (laptop)0.7W15W33W (minecraft)
Nexus 7 Tablet charger0.1W (nothing plugged into charger cable)5.3–7W (screen off); 9W (screen on)-
HTPC (G1620 + GT 610)<1W56W (peak at boot); 41W idle42W (video playback)
Remington DC1800D (1800W hairdryer)0.05W-1700W
CubieTruck-7W (peak at boot); 3W idle4–4.5W (playing video)
House lamp (Osram Energy Saving 13W Globe)0W-12.95–13.05W (small fluctuations)
House lamp (Mirabella 28W Halogen)0W-32.0–32.1W (small fluctuations)

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