Friday, December 31, 2010

Running a tcsh in Console2

If you use tcsh in cygwin and want to run it in Console2, you can create a .BAT file to do something like this:
   @echo off
set HOME=c:\
start <path to Console2>\Console.exe -r \
"/k <path to cygwin>\cygwin\bin\tcsh.exe -l"

How to Set Console Title in Cygwin or LXTerminal

To set the title of the console in cygwin:
   echo -e "\033]2;!^\007"

This can be set up as an alias (say, as "t"):
   alias t 'echo -e "\033]2;\!^\007"'

(Taken from a comment in this post).

Update: To do the same thing in LXTerminal (used in lxde):
    echo -ne "\033]0;"WindowTitle"\007"
(Taken from

Or as a function in .bashrc (since bash aliases don't take parameters):
t() {
echo -ne "\033]0;$*\007"