Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trying to Evaluate the Thermaltake LitePower Gen 2

I noticed that Thermaltake have release another LitePower power supply, this one labelled the "Gen 2".

The way Thermaltake uses the LitePower for branding is frustrating, as there have been dozens of them over the years, by five different OEMs, and of markedly different quality. In general they're a last resort kind of PSU, so I was interested to see if this new one might have improved.

Unfortunately it was pretty difficult to find out anything useful. The awesome RealHardTechX database currently doesn't list a Gen 2, and no one appears to have reviewed it yet. The specs are also lean on detail (which is sadly normal for most PSU brands). The addition of 2x6+2 pin connectors on even the 450W model is much more promising than the previous OEM versions of the LitePower.

I asked Thermaltake for a bit more detail on 19th July 2016 — as yet there has been no response, but I'll update if anything comes through.


  1. Yep - I asked Thermaltake a simple question about what main capacitor(s) they use in the 550w LitePower gen 2. No response. I guess they aren’t interested in staying in business...

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