Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Skylake i5-6600 Power Consumption Tests

Another machine with a few different parts but somewhat similar to the previous Skylake power consumption test I did.

System specs: i5-6600, Asus B150M-A, 2x8GB DDR4, 1x240GB Intel 535 SSD, 1xWD Blue 1TB, 1xLiteOn DVD-RW, Antec TPC 550W, Coolermaster Silencio 352. Power measurements were made from the wall (240V AC) with a PowerMate Lite.

Machine StateConsumption (W)VAPFC
Off1.5 W16.20.092
Idle30 W45.90.65
Prime 95
(Large FFTs, 4 threads)
108 W1150.939

The above values are typical. Peak recorded draw was 119.5W. Maximum temperature hit was 80°C. During Prime95 the core frequency fluctuated between 3389 MHz and 3491 MHz.

Not sure why the power usage was so much more than the 6500 system. I guess the combination of faster CPU, different motherboard, extra RAM, fan and SATA drives (even though they were at idle) and warmer "silent" case all contributed to the increase.