Monday, February 9, 2015

Raspberry Pi B: HDMI Resolution and Localisation Fixes

Following up from yesterday's post on the Raspberry Pi B, I've played around with it a little more and noticed under Raspbian the screen resolution was running at 1776x952 rather than 1920x1080, and that the keyboard was set up for British layouts.

Resolution Fix

To fix the resolution I got into the /boot/config.txt and made a few changes as per various suggestions from the web. First of all you need to run tvservice -m CEA to find the preferred monitor settings. Mine was 16, but replace the text below with the appropriate number. (May also need to run tvservice -m DMT depending on your screen type. DMT is hdmi_group=2 for the settings. See: difference between CEA and DMT.

The summary of changes to /boot/config.txt:


#overscan_left 24
#overscan_right 24
#overscan_top 16
#overscan_bottom 16


The first two lines were already in the file, and just needed to be uncommented. The commented out lines about were in the NOOBS generated section at the bottom. NOOBS default seemed overly aggressive, so I took them all out. The last two lines are the results of the CEA output from above for the preferred setting.

Keyboard Localisation Fix

Default to British keyboard layout causes problems here in Aust because the # key is turned into £ and the @ and " keys are transposed. To update, run the following:

dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Both bring up little text-based wizards. For locales, select en_AU.UTF-8 or similar. For the keyboard config, I selected a generic match for the keyboard I was using, but I think the main thing is to change the "GB" setting to "US" keyboard layout.

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