Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fixing KDE Games Menu Crash

After installing the game "A Virus Named Tom" from the Humble Bundle 9, trying to view the "Games" menu in KDE started crashing.

The problem is due to the file avirusnamedtom_com-avirusnamedtom_1.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications. It contains a reference to an image where either a) the reference is invalid because it contains spaces, or b) the image is unreadable.

To fix the problem, I edited the Icon line from:

  VirusNamedTom/A Virus Named TOM.bmp


  VirusNamedTom/A Virus Named TOM.bmp"

(Line break above is for clarity -- there is no line break in the file).

After logging out and logging back in, the Games menu should work again (although the icon for AVNT still doesn't appear properly, and I can't open the file in the default image viewer, which makes me think it's broken in some way. GIMP can open it without any problem, so I'm not sure what the issue is).

An alternative solution is to rename or delete the .desktop file, but then you lose the AVNT menu entry.

Also note this should fix a crash when clicking on the menu and selecting "Edit Applications..." -- which also occurred until I made this fix.

Hat tip to abelthorne, who posted the clue that led me to track this down.

Update 17/10/2013:
After a bit more experimentation, I found that the image can be made to work in the Games menu by saving as it as .PNG in GIMP, removing the spaces in the filename, and removing the quotes in the Icon entry in the .desktop file. There are some weirdnesses or limitations in the .desktop format it seems, and also something strange with the .BMP that comes with AVNT.

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